DRAT Mumbai, Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal

The Hon’ble Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal Mumbai (DRAT Mumbai) was established vide GSR No: 654(E) 17/07/1994.

Jurisdiction: The territorial jurisdiction of the Hon’ble Tribunal covers:

  • Debt Recovery Tribunal Ahmedabad (DRT Ahmedabad)
  • Debt Recovery Tribunal Aurangabad (DRT Aurangabad)
  • Debt Recovery Tribunal Mumbai 1 (DRT 1 Mumbai)
  • Debt Recovery Tribunal Mumbai 2 (DRT 2 Mumbai)
  • Debt Recovery Tribunal Mumbai 3 (DRT 3 Mumbai)
  • Debt Recovery Tribunal Nagpur and (DRT Nagpur)
  • Debt Recovery Tribunal Pune (DRT Pune)

Chairperson: Hon’ble Justice Raham is Chairperson of Debt RecoveryAppellate Tribunal Mumbai (DRAT Mumbai)

Address: Scindia House, Narottam Morarjee Marg, Opposite I. & T. House, Billard Estate, Mumbai400038

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